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Spoopy has been an artist ever since she can remember, studying and practicing all different types of mediums like oil, acrylic, watercolor, ceramics, origami, ink, photography, and sculpting; building a solid art foundation. Drawing manga panels and inking since middle school, Spoopy has always specialized in anime style and pulling ink lines which helped her pick up tattooing like second nature. Spoopy does blackwork, anime, and horror tattoos but can do most styles requested.



Maisie-Grace is an artist at Salem Tattoos , she moved to California from the UK as a child and grew up in Los Gatos. She loves horror movies, thriller novels, anime and Harry Potter. she is also part of the the LGBTQIA+ community and strives to create a welcoming and safe space for everyone.


Guest Artists

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with our current guest artists!

If you are looking to be a guest artist, email us at with your portfolio and the dates you want to guest for. Our guest artists receive a special discount on rooms at the Brookdale lodge! MUST be 18+ and have a professional tattoo license.

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Spoopy's Gallery

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